If you are looking for a beautiful location in Warwickshire for your church wedding, why not come and have a look at our wonderful church?

For many people, a church is the 'right' place to get married, but a church is much more than just a pretty location for wedding. Making your vows before God and all your friends and family adds a very special spiritual dimension to your married life. 


People often ask whether they can be married in our church and the answer is always yes! If you have a connection to the parish or if you have attended services regularly for the six months prior to your wedding, you'll be able to get married here and we would be delighted to play a part in your special day.


The first thing to do is call Rev Anne who will be able to explain what's required, talk you through the paperwork and the legalities, and set a time and date. Give us a ring and we'll talk it through without any obligation.

We'd be delighted to help you choose readings and hymns or your favourite songs and can help with flowers and music if you need it. We can also arrange an organist and choir and organise bell ringing too.

We have car parking available for your guests too.


If you're looking for inspiration, there's lots of helpful information and ideas about organising a church wedding at the Church Of England's Your Church Wedding website.

All saints church,
Leamington Hastings

Leamington Hastings 


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